Zero G Zero Tax; Piling specs on commercial transport

Dennis Wingo argues that the ISS can become a “key enabler for cargo and human commercial spaceflight” but a Zero G Zero Tax policy is needed to kick start private investment and risk taking to make it happen: Seeding the Future, Calling Private Money (To Space) – Newsvine.

> NASA’s budget is going to be under severe strain beginning this year. Yet again is NASA going to being asked to do too much with too little, or what little they have will be taken away…again. If the private sector can start to invest money and technology into commercial human in to LEO, microgravity research, or other activities on the station, and even commercial lunar enterprises, then not only will NASA and exploration be strengthened but the nation as well. Money is the water for the flowering of private enterprise. A period of no taxation, such as what has enabled the internet is in the best strategic, commercial, and political interest of the nation

=== Eric Berger comments on Wayne Hale’s warning, mentioned earlier here, over wildly excessive specifications being cooked up for commercial launchers: Are elements within NASA conspiring to kill commercial access to space? – SciGuy/Houston Chronicle.


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