Space contest roundup; Canadian sat competition

Space Prizes blog posts the latest collection of space related competition links: Prize Roundup: SOIA Announcements, Sparkfun, Etsy Vote, Zooniverse Award, Nanosats, Rice Business Plan Competition, more. === Here is a satellite building competition for Canadian students in which the winners get their spacecraft sent to space: The Canadian Satellite Design Challenge (CSDC)

> The primary objective of the Challenge is for teams of university students (undergraduate and graduate) to design and build an operational small-satellite, based on commercially-available, “off-the-shelf” components.

The satellites will undergo full launch and space environment qualification, and the ultimate goal of the CSDC is to launch the winning satellite into orbit in order to conduct science research.

The CSDC will begin at participating universities and colleges in September, 2010; the winning satellite(s) will be selected in October, 2012.


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