Mini-Asteroid Flying By Earth Tonight

A small asteroid will make a fairly close flyby of Earth tonight, November 16, 2010 at 10:44 p.m. EST (0344 GMT), but it is not a threat to hit the planet. Plus, at 3 meters wide, (10 ft) the asteroid, named 2010 WA, would break apart if it hit Earth’s atmosphere. Still, finding and tracking the small asteroid is “good practice in detection,” wrote NASA’s @AsteroidWatch Twitter feed.

2010 WA will pass about 1/10 lunar distance, or about 38,000 kilometers (24,000 miles) away, and have a magnitude of about 14.5, so it won’t be visible “without a good sized telescope” said @AsteroidWatch. But if you do have such a telescope, the asteroid could be seen over the middle to east coast of US. (…) Read the rest of Mini-Asteroid Flying By Earth Tonight (225 words)

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