Mars500 Crew Celebrates Halloween

No, the Mars500 crew hasn’t gone crazy — yet. They were just celebrating Halloween. Or so they say! (Credit: ESA)

Mars500 Diary “Are we alone?” 10 November 2010 Courtesy of ESA

In his latest diary update, Diego explains the daily routine with a European experiment they are conducting inside the Mars500 modules, and also shows his Halloween photos, prompting the question: “Are we alone?”

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As the days get longer and more monotonous in the Mars500 modules, we get more time to think about the conditions that surround us. One of the questions that crosses our minds from time to time is: “are we alone?” I am not talking about tortured souls that haunt the storage module on Halloween, or about life beyond Earth (the latter being a fascinating topic by itself), but about other actual living beings that might share this space with us, without us noticing. (…) Read the rest of Mars500 Crew Celebrates Halloween (1,014 words)

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