Envoys of Mankind Merit Mutual Protection

“Envoys of mankind” were the essential words used to describe humans in space by international law adopted more than 40 years ago. Humans from around the world are now going to space in larger number as the “envoys of mankind,” a legal moniker adopted in the Outer Space Treaty and the Rescue of Astronauts regime by members of the United Nations.

The importance of this international law is growing every day as commercial space launch capability expands to place more and more non-government envoys of mankind into space in this decade, is part of an OpEd published today in The Manassas News & Messenger.

No matter who’s involved —Chinese, Indian, Russian, American NASA astronauts or private American space tourists — Americans need to lead in the development of protocol* and etiquette in providing assistance in space emergencies*.

URL: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Spaceports/~3/b_1JR-vG8mw/envoys-of-mankind-merit-mutual.html

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