Commercial spaceflight – capable and far along

Florida Today has an extensive report today on commercial spaceflight: /– Space, Inc. moving closer to launch: Private companies put forth some lofty ideas for space travel . . . and they’re closer to reality than you might think – Florida /– Our views: Closer to reality: Commercial firms can help power spaceflight with political support – Florida Today

> A FLORIDA TODAY special report today has found the companies are more than capable of taking over manned spaceflight and much further along than realized.

Key findings show companies are:

/– Already developing, testing and launching prototypes into space.

/– Cutting metal, assembling engines and, in some cases, actually have spacecraft in orbit.

/– Made up of a mix of gutsy start-ups such as SpaceX and Bigelow and established industry giants such as Boeing and United Launch Alliance.

If successful, the new industry could be a major economic engine with the number of launches from Cape Canaveral mounting and jobs growing as companies fly NASA astronauts and other paying customers.

Still, the strategic shift does indeed carry inherent risks.


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