More on Senate NASA hearing; More on Deficit Commission; Fighting the meme

More about the upcoming Senate science committee hearing on NASA: /– Senate to examine NASA and its new authorization act – Space Politics /– Senate to review NASA funding – Florida Today === Some additional reports and responses to the Deficit Commissions recommendation to cut NASA commercial spaceflight program: /– Commercial space advocates fight proposed spending cut – The Flame Trench/Florida Today /– Something’s Gotta Give – Space KSC /– Deficit commission targets $6 billion commercial spaceflight plan – Huntsville Times’ === As others have pointed out, many of the recommendations for budget cuts in this draft document will not be implemented anytime soon, if ever. On the other hand, the draft does start the debate on the difficult steps that need to be taken to reduce the gigantic Federal deficits and debt. This means it will be taken seriously and its contents will be widely disseminated and discussed. This unfortunately will result in the meme “commercial spaceflight = unneeded subsidy” being spread far and wide. This was no doubt the intention of whomever it was that fed the commission staff a nonsense description of the program.

In a city that seldom examines any issue below the headline level, it will take quite an effort to combat this. The CSF’s fast response was a good step. It would certainly help now if someone high up at NASA and the White House responded publicly to the Commission’s gross misunderstanding of what the commercial crew and cargo program is all about. NASA needs commercial launch providers to get to LEO and to do it cost-effectively. Commercial launch is not a luxury for NASA but a necessity.


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