– Nov. 10, 2010 issue

The latest issue of The Lurio Report has been released. Here’s the TOC:

The Lurio Report: Pivotal Times and Progress at the ISPCS, Spaceport America, and Beyond Vol. 5, No. 18, November 10, 2010

Quick Updates:

CCDev 2 Announcements Solicitation and Funding Requirements Note Virgin Galactic’s Entry New Reference for CCDev 1 Results Falcon 9/Dragon Flight Progressing, With Care UPDATED (November 8) on Launch Date and Influencing Factors Uniform Budget Cuts Threatening New Initiatives A Frustrating Situation… … But a Baseline Perspective Bob Richards Joins “Moon Express,” a NASA ILDD Winner From Scaled Composites Second SpaceShipTwo (SS2) Free Flight Burt Rutan To Retire

Dear Acquaintances,

– ISPCS/Spaceport Runway Dedication: Selected Topics –

This Issue of the Report The ISPCS at a Pivotal Hour Bigelow’s “Coming Out” Event, MOUs and Perspectives Space Processing – What’s New About It? Spaceport America Dedication

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