Nanosat launcher seminar update

The Nanosat Launcher Seminar, held on Saturday in Menlo Park, California by Team Phoenicia to discuss NASA’s Nano-Satellite Launch Challenge, seems to have gone well: Whew – Team Phoenicia –

> I think we had around 20 potential teams show up.

Haven’t spotted any other write-ups about the seminar but Jon Goff posted several comments on his Twitter account: /– Nanosat Launch Seminar was interesting. Most of it was review for people who’ve been involved in the community for a while. /– I was surprised though at how few of the “usual suspects” were there, and how many new faces there were. /– I wonder how many of them would still be interested if they really knew how much work something like this is going to take? /– I think that other than myself, Paul Breed was probably the only person in the room who had ever built and flown a guided rocket. /– That said, there were several sharp groups there. If I had to handicap things right now, based on who was there… /– I’d probably say that Nanolaunchers (the Spaceworks spinoff doing air-launched nanosat launch vehicles) and Ventions are the teams to beat /– At least of the teams that were there. /– A lot is going to hinge on how they setup the rule regarding prior government funding of related work. /– If they disqualify teams that have been paid to build nanosat launchers, that would be Ventions, Garvey, Microcosm, Dynetics, etc. /– Which means a lot of the more credible teams would be disallowed. /– On the other hand, if they don’t do that, then that’s a huge unfair disadvantage to teams who haven’t gotten government nanolaunch contracts /– Ultimately, that one rule is probably going to be the most critical one to get right. All the other ones were pretty non-controversial.


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