The Open Space Organization (O.S.O.)

The Open Space Organization (O.S.O.) seeks to use an open source approach to spacecraft projects: New open source space program begins on World Wide Web – Rocketry Planet – Oct.25.10 The O.S.O. website says,

> The O.S.O. is an OpenSource space program. OpenSource means we work together to design, develop, manufacture, and assemble spacecraft. This means that we will need a lot of people with a lot of skills and not just designers and mechanist but lawyers, researchers, fundraisers, and things I haven’t even thought of yet. So if you want to be a member, then look around the site at the ever expanding amount of resources, and see if you would like to be a part of this daunting task. Our goals our goal is to change the way space flight is looked at. most people think that space is only for governments and huge companies. For the most part they are right but we are going to change that by brining people from all walks of life who want to be a part of something bigger to make something that people all around the globe can look up in the night sky and see, and maybe one day look out a window onto our little blue marble.


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