Boeing’s Commercial Crew Transport

**Program: **NASA Commercial Crew Development (CCDev)** Company:** Boeing Company (with Bigelow Aerospace)** Project: ** Commercial Crew Transportation System (CST-100) **Award:** $18 million

**Third Quarter Progress** **Report** _(July 1-Sept. 30, 2010)_

During this quarter, CCDev program progressing as planned. Completed 26 SAA milestones on schedule (72% of program milestones), continuing re-plan of Abort System Hardware Demo resulting from the LAS down select decision, installed honeycomb core and thermal ablator (BLA) onto BHS carrier structure, installed completed CM Pressurized Structure proof pressure and pressure cycle testing, completed Landing System Demo uprighting tests and initiated landing air bag drop testing, successfully completed integration of Huntington Beach VENUS lab with the Houston ASIF lab for the integrated GN&C simulation, completed the ASIF stand-alone Demo, delivered CM Mockup to Boeing Houston facility and performed evaluations with NASA Crew Office and held a third Interim Design Review. Planning is completed and preparations are underway for Systems Definition Review (SDR) in October.

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