Late night space link roundup…

Finally got back home and back on line. Will try to get back into the NewSpace posting groove on Tuesday but for now will simply dump a bunch of links I just came across:

People have been telling me that Project M was killed but sounds like it is still kicking: NASA Team Has Plan to Send a Robot to the Moon –

Alan Boyle provides some details on this “100 year starship” concept that Pete Worden mentioned recently: Ride a starship? Not for a century – Cosmic Log (includes a video with Worden).

John Gedmark explains what the CSF is all about: John Gedmark of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation is interviewed by Sander Olson –

David Livingston spoke with space entrepreneur Debra Facktor Lepore on Sunday: Debra Facktor Lepore – Thespaceshow’s Blog

Virgin took funding from a UAE investment group but I expect they would object to the claim that the point of LauncherOne was to establish “a small-satellite launch capability in the Persian Gulf area”: Technology Opens Military Space – Aviation Week

An update on the upcoming Nanosat Launcher Challenge seminar in Menlo Park: Team Phoenicia: Nanosat Launcher Challenge Seminar: Agenda Change (11/1/10).


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