Bolden Salutes 10th Anniversary of ISS Habitation

**NASA Administrator Statement On 10th Anniversary Of Crews Aboard The International Space Station** _Nov. 2, 2010_

On Nov. 2, 2000, the first crew arrived aboard the International Space Station to live and work aboard the orbiting laboratory. The following is a statement from NASA Administrator Charles on the 10th anniversary:

“Today, we celebrate ten years of humans living and working continuously aboard the International Space Station. This global milestone is tremendously significant, both for NASA and our partners. It recognizes the success of an amazing feat of engineering and a magnificent leap forward in the story of human achievement. I congratulate the entire station team and the thousands of people worldwide who have helped us reach this anniversary. (…) Read the rest of Bolden Salutes 10th Anniversary of ISS Habitation (371 words)

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