Space Manufacturing 14 – Sunday afternoon session 2

_Session 7: International, Legal and Economic Considerations_ ?Chair: Brad Blair

?Wayne White, Esq., Oceaneering Space Systems _Mining Law and Property Rights for Outer Space_ /– Reviews Outer Space Treaty (OST) /– Reviews the Moon Treat which US did not sign /– Legal regime for private space activite /– UN Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) /– Inter-governmental agreement that governs ISS has been unwieldy and that approach probably won’t be used again /– ISRU will permit settlers to live off the land /– US can enact legislation that provides incentives for private activities while remaining autonomous /– Can enact legislation to coordinate this with other nations /– A legal regime for private space activities would promote int. co-op, incentivise private investment, etc. /– Elements of prospective US legislation: update space jurisdiction, establish safety zones, deliniate authority of private entities with respect to space objects and personnel, clarify jurisdiction of federal courst and departments, etc.

?Eva-Jane Lark, BMO Nesbitt Burns _Economic Incentives and Tax Credits for Space Resource Development_ /– Nurture and support nascent industries /– goal/outcome oriented /– Reviews the many types of economic incentives both govt and non-govt. /– Analogy to Canadian oil and gas exploration incentives

Steve Durst, International Lunar Observatory Association and Space Age Publishing Company _The ILO As Property Rights Agent?_ /– ILO – 3 missions – includes lunar south pole unmanned telescope – Spacedev did feasibility study. /– Galaxy Forum Architecture /– Lunar commercial communications events /– /– Will claim acre around lander. /– Space Age Publishing Company

?Jason Dunn, Aaron Kemmer, Michael Chen, David Hutchison and Brad Blair _3D Metal Printing in Space: Enabling New Markets and Accelerating the Growth of Orbital Infrastructure_ /– Build in space rather that on earth and launch into space /– Rapid advancement in 2D printing /– Shows examples of 3D printed objects – Paul Breed’s Al thruster /– Time to put 3D printers into space /– Examined four 3D printing systems /– Costs for space rating now affordable /– MadeInSpace – company to implement 3D printing in space /– Helps to overcome size limits of launch vehicle /– Launch feedstock materials instead of finished structures. /– Minimizes waste /– Need fewer spare parts since you can print parts on demand /– Robotic self-replicating factory – e.g. pre-build a base ready for occupation. /– Drastically reduce the cost of Mars mission with 3D printing /– Essential for large space settlements /– Current goals of MadeInSpace: micro-g tests of 3D printer, adapt 3D printing for space base apps, fly on space stations.

Q&A: /– Can print moving part structures /– Looking at whether can do productive 3D printing tests in parabolic and suborbital space flights /– No one has yet tried to do printing with lunar simulant. There are tests with cement.


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