Engineering Non-Terrestrial Resources

Miners hoping to strike it rich during the California Gold Rush at Auburn Ravine in 1852. (Credit: California State Library)

**Session 5: Engineering Materials from Non-Terrestrial Resources** Chair: Dr. Peter J. Schubert

**Electrical Energy Storage Using Only Lunar Materials** _Dave Dietzler, and Dr. Peter J. Schubert, Packer Engineering Inc._

**In-Situ Production of Construction Materials by Combustion of Regolith/Aluminum and Regolith/Magnesium Mixtures** _Prof. Evgeny Shafirovich, Christopher White and Francisco Alvarez, University of Texas at El Paso_

**Electro Dynamic Debris Eliminator (EDDE) Opens LEO for Aluminum Recovery and Reuse** _Jerome Pearson, John Oldson and Dr. Eugene Levin, Star Technology and Research, Inc., Joseph Carroll, Tether Applications, Inc._

**Building a Vertical Take Off and Landing Pad Using In Situ Materials** _Dr. Paul Hintze, NASA Kennedy Space Center_ (…) Read the rest of SSI Space Manufacturing 14: Engineering Non-Terrestrial Resources (637 words)

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