Space Manufacturing 14 – Saturday afternoon session 2

Henry Vanderbilt talks about the Space Access Society, including the annual conference and the recent work on passing the Senate version of the NASA appropriations bill.

Session 4: Robotics and Space Manufacturing? Prof. William (Red) Whittaker couldn’t make it to the meeting due to work on a large contract they just received.

_Application of Visually Guided, Autonomous Robots to Space Mining and Construction_ ?Mitchell Weiss, SEEGRID Corp.? /– Industrial mobile robot /– uses onboard intelligence to cooperatively move materials in work space /– No infrastructure mods or added equipment needed /– Hans Moravec, founder, built first limited but vision navigated rover at Stanford in the 1970s /– Developed an automated cart for warehouses to move pallets. /– Uses on-board vision. No tracks, etc. /– Vehicle builds internal 3D model of the environment as it is walked through the warehouse /– Lots of features mapped for each place so doesn’t matter if a place has some number of changes. /– Did a project outdoor.

Prof. Greg Baiden, Laurentian University; Penguin Automated Systems _Lunar Mining – Taking the Best of Terrestrial Mining and Fitting it to the Moon?_ /– Secondary GCR is a primary concern /– Began to investigate how to underground on the moon to create a base /– Mines began using automatic ore carrying vehicle in 1992. /– Miners take advantage of gravity throughout. /– How to deal with 1/6 gravity on the Moon is a challenge /– Telemining & mining plant automation – safety and quality improvements /– Use non-GPS mapping and surveying for navigation


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