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XCOR CEO Jeff Greason

**Jeff Greason – XCOR**

– space is an endeavor and enterprise I have believed in for as long as I remember – now finds himself in the space business- believed in the early space shuttle projections — flying every week – no point in going any place just to go…need something to do with it… – if you are going to explore and you have no idea about what to do with what you find… – People aren’t as into space because there was no ultimate point to exploration… – we don’t seem to be proud of what we’ve done, almost cowering from the technology that we can wield. – we sit on the shore of an ocean that has vast resources of materials, energy and space – the moon is not sterile and dry…it will support a great culture and be the transportation hub of the Solar System –  Our work is a result of the work that Gerard K. O’Neill did….looked at colonies that would be sustainable, profitable, self-sustaining

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