Craig Venter Speaks on Synthetic Biology

J. Craig Venter (Credit: Public Library of Science)

**Craig Venter** _J. Craig Venter Institute_

– Few things excite his imagination than trying to design people and organisms for the long-term settlement of space – Created a bacterial cell controlled by chemically synthesized genome earlier this year – Mapped the human genome for the first time 15 years ago – Can now map a human genome in a couple of days with a machine that costs about $500,000 – NASA has been doing genetic selection for quite some time — astronaut selection — without really admitting it…why not make it more rigorous? – Screen for traits that are highly compatible for space — inner ear changes that eliminate motion sickness, minimize bone loss, etc. – If people are going to be traveling and living in space for a long period of time, might think about engineering humans for with these traits

– Every person who goes to ISS is bringing maybe 10 million bacteria, genes, etc. with him/her

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