SpaceShipTwo log entry for second glide test

They already posted the entry for Thursday’s drop-glide test of SpaceShipTwo in the WK2/SS2 Test Summaries log:

Flight: WK2 Flight 44 / GF02 Date: 28 Oct 10 Flight Time: 10 min, 51 sec WK2 Pilot: Siebold WK2 CoPilot: Nichols WK2 FTE: Tighe SS2 Pilot: Stucky SS2 CoPilot: Alsbury GS Crew: Binnie, Kalogiannis, Persall, Knupp, Inks, Bassett, Cassebeer, Story

Objectives: Clean release Evaluate stability and control Expand flutter envelope Roll evaluation Land

Results: All objectives achieved. Flew to more aggressive stall indication. Evaluated handling and stability through several maneuvers. Expanded envelope to 230 KTAS and 3g’s. Roll evaluation. Full stop landing.


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