X Imaging Etna While Flying In Formation

Bonn, Germany (SPX) Oct 21, 2010 ![][1] The TanDEM-X and TerraSAR-X satellite pair have acquired their first image of Earth’s surface, synchronised to the microsecond, while flying over Mount Etna in Italy. Scientists at the German Aerospace Center have used the data to create a three-dimensional digital elevation model with an unprecedented elevation accuracy down to two metres. The image, taken while the satellites were flying

[1]: http://www.spacedaily.com/images/tandem-terrasar-volcano-mount-etna-bg.jpg

URL: http://www.spacemart.com/reports/TanDEM_X_And_TerraSAR_X_Imaging_Etna_While_Flying_In_Formation_999.html

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