ISPCS 2010 update #6

Doug Messier has posted a couple of interesting video interviews from ISPCS 2010: /– [Video: Bigelow Aerospace’s Private Space Station – Parabolic Arc][1] /– [Video: Spaceport Sweden — Europe’s Gateway to Space – Parabolic Arc][2]

The conference finished this afternoon. Tomorrow there will be a dedication ceremony at [Spaceport America][3].

Sample of notes from [Twitter / Search – #ispcs][4] posted during the afternoon sessions:

_Creating the demand: Free and low cost flight opportunities for education and research in space:_ /– Doug Weathers: “Masten: school can get a payload into space for the cost of a band fundraiser. We don’t need free flights for schools” /– Doug Weathers George Whitesides, Virgin Galactic: space education is critical to me, important to Virgin. New program being announced tomorrow /– Doug Messier: “Virgin’s Whitesides: SS2 could fly 100s or even 1000s of experiments.Get price per experiment down, even high schools could fly” /– Doug Weathers: “Brienna Henwood, NASTAR: Aeromedical training and testing facility. Privately owned, anyone can use /– Doug Weathers: “Henwood: centrifuge gondola has multiple-axis control, can replicate any flight profile (with vibration, too). Free? Maybe, ask us”

_Spaceports:_ /– Jeff Foust: “Rick Homans: Spaceport America in a very complex part of the project now, transitioning from construction to operations” /– Doug Messier: “Rich Homans: Spaceport America fully operation with Sir Richard Branson and his family fly commercially from there. (~18-24 months)” /– Doug Messier: “Rich Homans: Spaceport America is about 80 percent complete. Will shortly issue RFP on operations contracts” /– Jeff Foust: “Stu Witt: Mojave Air and Space Port had its best two years of business in last two years, despite economy. ‘I can’t explain that.'” /– Jeff Foust: “Witt: “you got to be planning and planning and planning” for accidents and other incidents at spaceports.” /– Doug Weathers: “Gloria Garcia-Cuadrado, BAIE: working on creating a spaceport in Spain, Catalonia region. Case study completed, gov’t supports it”

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