Past is Prologue Discussion


The Lynx Supersonic Wind Tunnel Model Positioned In the MSFC wind tunnel


**”Past is Prologue: The Future of the Space Industry from the Perspective of the Those Who Helped Get it Started”** ** Jeff Greason -** _XCOR CEO_ **Bill Campbell -** _Aerojet Chief Engineer (retired)_ **Guruswami Ravichandran -**- _Director, Graduate Aeronautics Lab at California Institute of Technology_ **Rick Sturdevant -** _Deputy Director of History, USAF Space Command_ **Frederick Bachtel -** _Director of Strategic Planning & Initiatives, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne_

**Bill Campbell: Aerojet**

– company history by the von Kamen in 1942 – how to expand a new industry – – started on Titan, barely had any employees….634 employees…he was only 28… – very little experience, no major facilities, no tooling, little materials…. – there was a strong national commitment….had an unlimited budget….didn’t know a budget restraint if we saw one… – very little oversight, decisions were delegated and made quickly…products were shipped with flaws… – try it, fix it, try it again, fix it again… – were able to fly without fear of failure…. – first Titan flew in 49 months… – rapid production and testing is different from how the government works today…

**General Discussion**

Need to balance risk and safety….

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