ISPCS 2010 update #2

Blog posts on early afternoon sessions in which Bob Bigelow participated: /– [Bigelow – Transterrestrial Musings][1] /– [ISPCS Talk: Robert Bigelow Talks Commercial Human Spaceflight – Parabolic Arc][2] /– [ISPCS Panel: Bigelow, Paragon, Sierra Nevada and Dynetics – Parabolic Arc][3]

Samples from [Twitter / Search – #ispcs][4]: /– Doug Weathers: “Robert Bigelow brought a 5lb thruster rocket! Testing now – whoosh! Runs H2-rich so it doesn’t use up the module’s O2.” /– Jeff Foust: “[George Sowers, ULA] suggested to achieve these, develop comm’l crew and Orion (launched on D4 Heavy) concurrently as well as (con’t) /– Jeff Foust: “…develop on-orbit refueling and an HLV in the 70-80 ton range.” /– Jeff Foust: “Tim Pickens says you’ll see Dynetics make “some major investments” in next few weeks for the sake of building hardware.” /– Jeff Foust: “Bigelow: if there’s anything that keeps me up at night, beyond transportation, is the lack of launch facilities.” /– Jeff Foust: “Bigelow: don’t expect to ask any customers for money until at least 2012; timing depends on the development of crew transportation.” /– Jeff Foust: “Bigelow says that while company is building a 185,000 sq ft expansion solely for production of modules, company still in R&D mode.” /– Jeff Foust: “Next #ISPCS panel is taking about the space industry’s worst four-letter word, ITAR.”

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