ISPCS 2010 update #1

Doug Messier posts some pics: [Photos of Bigelow’s Plans to Commercialize Space – Parabolic Arc][1]

Blog posts: /– [Private Space Station Progress – Transterrestrial Musings][2] /– [ISPCS Conference: Past is Prologue Discussion – Parabolic Arc][3] /– [ISPCS Session: Closing the Credibility Gap With XCOR, Armadillo and Virgin Galactic – Parabolic Arc][4]

Some samples from the morning’s posts in [Twitter / Search – #ispcs][5]: /– spacecom: “Las Cruces mayor predicts up to 600,000 visitors and up to 2000 jobs in the area economy from Spaceport America.” /– Doug Weathers: “2nd panel-Jeff Greason speaking about test philosophy of XCOR (when the cost of computer models passes cost of test, STOP MODELING)” /– Jeff Foust: “[Julia] Tizard: full scale hot fire testing of SS2 rocket motor in progress now ahead of powered SS2 test flights next year.” /– Jeff Foust: “Neil Milburn, Armadillo, says their core philosophy is to build and test a lot; means they’ll lose some vehicles in flight tests” /– Jeff Foust: “Milburn: need to change perception that vertical takeoff, vertical landing rockets look really dangerous.” /– Doug Weathers: “Julia Tizard-customers are also investors, willing partners in test/training programs.” /– Jeff Foust: “Jeff Greason of XCOR: ‘I’ve become a convert to the First Church of Wind Tunnel Testing’.” /– Jeff Foust: “Tizard: supportive of low profile Scaled prefers for testing, but must balance with Virgin’s need to market ourselves.” /– Jeff Foust: “Greason: customers need to become more sophisticated, recognize that things don’t always go right 1st time in test programs.” /– Doug Weathers: “Jeff Greason-plea to space enthusiasts: don’t overreact to test failures. Expect them. It’s not the end of the world.”

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