SAR Snapshot of Sicily

The German aerospace center, DLR, now has the twin synthetic aperture radar spacecraft TerraSar-X and Tandem-X operating in formation.

With that capability in hand, the radar satellites now can take stereo images of points on the ground to deliver enhanced accuracy.

Here is a DLR-released picture of Mt. Etna, the Sicilian volcano, derived using that bistatic technique:


![blog post photo][1]

][2] The two satellites took the image of Mt. Etna at the same time to be able to build a three-dimensional picture. The satellites were within 350 meters of each other.

The derived picture has a height accuracy down to 2 meters. The bistatic imaging technique is deriving much greater performance than was achieved with the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission, DLR says.

[1]: [2]: (Click here to view this image at full size in another window…)


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