Eye-opening video of the exchange described in [the previous post][1] when during a Senatorial debate Christine O’Donnell asked Chris Coons “_Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state?_” (At 2:50)

It’s important to note that the [Tea Party][2] is NOT synonymous with the Republican party.

* As [Phil][3] explains:

> _I suspect some people in the comments will want to get pedantic, and point out that..O’Donnell was trying to be clever, talking about the literal expression “separation of Church and State” not being in the First Amendment. That is true (although the expression [was first used by Thomas Jefferson][4]). However, her opponent then goes on to quote the First Amendment more or less correctly, saying “the government shall make no establishment of religion”, to which O’Donnell asks, “That’s in the First Amendment?”. If she was trying to be clever, she failed._

[![][5]][6] [![][7]][8]


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