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[![John Shook][1]][2]I need to do a better job of posting Point of Inquiry episodes other than those that I myself host. So [here’s the latest][3]: Bob Price interviewing philosopher John Shook about debating the existence of God with believers. Here’s the write up:

Our guest is philosopher and author John Shook, discussing his experiences debating religious believers and whether such debates are a good idea.

Some say no, that such spectacles merely serve believers by making it look like atheists take them more seriously than they deserve. Others say yes, because debates provide a precious opportunity to introduce believers to atheistic arguments they might otherwise never hear.

Price and Shook compare notes about debating superstar apologist William Lane Craig, discuss interesting insights on Presuppositionalism and Postmodernism, and talk about Dr. Shook’s new book, _The God Debates: A 21st Century Guide for Atheists and Believers (and Everyone in Between)_, an introduction to major issues in the philosophy of religion, as well as debate topics old and new.

I’m listening now and like one of Shook’s sound bites: He said secular debaters should be “loud, proud, and prepared.” Indeed….listen to the full show [here][3].

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