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Thanks to two of my favorite brain bloggers for taking an interest in Brain Cuttings.

[Vaughan Bell at Mind Hacks][1] offers up a classic book review for something that is not quite a book:

**Whether you are an enthusiast, a professional psychologist or neuroscientist, or a combination, you will probably learn much from the book due to its breadth of vision. Regardless of who you are you are sure to enjoy the engaging immersions in some of the most interesting ideas in contemporary science.**

[And over at Neurotribes][2], science writer Steve Silberman publishes a conversation he and I had the other day on what ebooks mean for our ilk, and our readers. This was not an interview, with pat questions that could have been programmed into a computer. This was instead a long talk, because the subject is something that interests us both. In fact, Silberman wrote a Wired article back in the last century-1998-about the first glimpse of ebooks. [Check it out.][3]

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