Space policy roundup…

Some misc space policy items from Jeff Foust: [Bolden’s “exile”, more on Kosmas-Adams, and Hall’s ambitions – Space Politics][1]. === The local Huntsville paper reports on the [NASA data purchase contract][2] for the Rocket City Space Pioneers: [NASA deals gives Dynetics team a boost in race to the moon – Huntsville Times][3]. === A famous hangout for astronauts in Houston burnt down on Friday (it had closed several months ago): [Fire destroys Outpost – collectSPACE – Oct.16.10][4]

Elliott Potter comments on the symbolism of this: [JSC’s biggest metaphor is engulfed in flames – Implementation, detail – Oct.16.10][5]

And so does Rand Simberg: [RIP, Outpost – Transterrestrial Musings][6].

Rand also responds to [this Aviation Week article][7] with Jerry Ross’s remarks about commercial vs NASA spaceflight safety (I commented earlier [here][8]).

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