So Many Kisses

As _The Science of Kissing Gallery_ grew, my inbox became what you might call “_a basket of kisses_” (_H/T Mad Men’s [Peggy Olson][1]_). I’ve not kept up with posting them nearly as quickly as they’ve come in and have also received your input that the gallery style isn’t easy to navigate. Today that changes…

Introducing [_The Science of Kissing Galler__y_ on tumblr][2]! Several readers have suggested this would be a better way to display and share photos and artwork and I agree. To view what I’ve uploaded so far on one page, just click on the [archive][3] tab on the left.

[][2][![Picture 1][4]][2]

This will be the new landing place for all of your submitted kisses from across time, space, and species. Please be patient as I learn how to use tumblr and over the coming weeks I’ll continue moving everything there. In the mean time, enjoy the newest addition by [Colin M.L. Burnett][5] and don’t forget to [submit][6] your original photo or artwork for consideration.

[![][7]][8] [![][9]][10]


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