Bolden update; Lunar tech data purchase

Charles Bolden’s situation as NASA chief looks a bit tenuous. Sure seems petty that he wasn’t invited to the authorization bill signing: /– [Signs of NASA chief’s exile to sidelines put his future in question – Houston Chronicle][1] /– [NASA’s Bolden walks tight rope on China trip: NASA administrator Bolden’s trip to China comes at a time of upheaval in the US human spaceflight program, including doubt about Bolden’s future at the space agency’s helm – Christian Science Monitor][2] /– [Bolden heads to China this weekend for joint space talks – Spaceflight Now ][3] === More about the lunar rover data purchase contracts: /– [NASA to Spend Up to $30 Million on Private Moon Data –][4] /– [NASA Embraces Commercial Lunar Explorers and Becomes Customer of Google Lunar X PRIZE Competitors – X PRIZE Foundation][5] /– [Dynetics Awarded NASA Contract to Develop Robotic Technologies to Enable Affordable Human Space Exploration – Rocket City Space Pioneers ][6]

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