Orion funding situation; New upper stage for EELVs

Here’s a review of the Orion capsule program: [Lockheed Lawmakers Urge NASA To Fund Orion Development at 2010 Level – SpaceNews.com][1].

Griffin slowed or shut down many projects and programs to scrap up money for Constellation. I hope NASA managers instead keep Orion and the HLV within the boundaries of their multi-year funding allocations and just stretch them out when they inevitably hit overruns. They were required by Congress as job making projects and they can continue to do that while the rest of the NASA budget goes for productive development including crucial technology projects and the commercial crew program. === The Air Force is looking at “developing a more capable and affordable upper-stage engine for the Atlas 5 and Delta 4 rockets”: [US Air Force Ponders New Upper stage Rocket Engine – SpaceNews.com][2].

[1]: http://spacenews.com/civil/orion-development.html [2]: http://spacenews.com/military/air-force-upper-stage.html

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