Red Bull Suspends Space Diving Plan Due to Lawsuit

[![Felix Baumgartner tests the mobility of his pressure suit shell during high altitude skydive training over the Mojave desert in preparation for the Red Bull Stratos mission where he hopes to freefall back to Earth from 120,000 feet in 2010. Photo credit: Luke Aikins for Red Bull Media House][1]][2]

**Supersonic freefall bid put on hold** _CNET_

_Felix Baumgartner’s quest to achieve a supersonic parachute jump has run into some legal turbulence._

_Energy drinks maker Red Bull, which is sponsoring the effort, said today that it is stopping the program “with immediate effect” pending the outcome of a “multimillion dollar lawsuit” filed earlier this year by a man claiming certain rights to the project._

_Working under the auspices of the Red Bull Stratos program, Baumgartner was aiming to be the first person ever to hit supersonic speeds in the atmosphere without the protection of an aircraft around him. The Austria-born daredevil, who has in excess of 2,000 parachute jumps to his credit-often from stunningly low altitudes-was to ascent to the rarefied height of 120,000 feet (23 miles) in a pressurized gondola below a balloon, and then jump._

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