ORBITEC & Garvey Spacecraft to test fly "Vortex Combustion Cold-Wall" engines

ORBITEC & Garvey Spacecraft to test fly “Vortex Combustion Cold-Wall” engines

In the recent interview with John Garvey (Garvey Spacecraft Corp.) on the Space Show, John mentioned that one of their projects involved testing rockets with Orbital Technologies (ORBITEC) vortex combustion engines. This article provides some additional information about the collaboration: Rockets land at Orbitec for engine design – Wisconsin State Journal – Oct. 13.10 (via spacetoday.net)

This ORBITEC propulsion page gives a description of the “Vortex Combustion Cold-Wall (VCCW)” concept. There are some videos of test firings on this page.

These papers provide yet more details about the vortex cooled combustion process:
/– Building better rocket engines – AIAA Aerospace America – Mar.2006 (pdf)
/– A Tamed Tornado – Designers hope a new rocket engine technology, combined with new vehicle designs and operating models, will dramatically reduce the cost of getting bulk goods to space – California Space – March/April 2006 (pdf)

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