Astro corps shrinks; Sino-American cooperation for astronaut rescue

Giving up control is hard to do: [Astronaut Corps Shrinks As Shuttle Program Ends – Aviation Week][1].

I wonder if Ross can point to any study showing that government owned airlines are safer than privately owned ones? Why didn’t non-profit operation prevent the rush to launch, shortcuts and heedlessness that led to Challenger and Columbia? Where is the proof that NASA’s inclination to do things as expensively as possible leads to greater safety? Why does the US military rely on private firms to launch crucial national security satellites when those firms could “have an accident or a huge budget overrun and […] go bankrupt”? Where is the evidence that NASA astronaut employees are unbiased objective observers to debates on the use of commercial launch services? === Jack Kennedy argues that regardless of the ups and downs of political relations between the US and China, it is important for astronaut rescue capabilities to pursue a level of cooperation in space that benefits both nations: [‘Envoys of Mankind’ deserve the benefits of the Astronaut Rescue Treaty – Spaceports][2].

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