STS-135 hurdles; Rubio's mis-briefing; Space tech money

Supporting an extra Shuttle flight is going to be complicated, especially since the actual NASA budget hasn’t been appropriated yet: [NASA faces tough decisions to plan STS-135 ahead of funding appropriation – – Oct.12.10][1]

I hope Rubio reads the Write Stuff: [Republicans tell Rubio that Obama is responsible for all that ails NASA – The Write Stuff/Orlando Sentinel – Oct.12.10][2].

Yet one more article about the NASA authorization bill: [Obama Signs NASA Reauthorization Bill – Aviation Week – Oct.12.10][3]

> The new bill pares the $4.9 billion the White House originally wanted to spend on new space technology over five years, but still leaves $1.3 billion through Fiscal 2013. Some of that money will go for work on orbiting fuel depots and lightweight tankage for launchers, Garver said.

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