Energomash Gets New CEO Appointed by RSC Engeria

[![][1]][2]Some news from via the Roscosmos website concerning a leadership change that liquid fuel engine builder Energomash:

> Meeting of the stock holders of Oct. 4 in Glushko Energomash research and development company decided to withdraw authorities of its director, and to choose a managing company – RSC-Energia.  Energia appointed new CEO in Energomash. The position is occupied by Vladimir Solntsev, former vice-president of VTB-Bank, Energomash PAO informs.

Energomash builds the RD-180 engine that is used for the Atlas V rocket as well as engines for Proton and Soyuz boosters. It is also developing the RD-191 engine that will be used on the first stage of Russia’s new Angara rocket family.

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