Daily Data Dump

[Gay Sex vs. Straight Sex][1]. Is gay male sexual promiscuity a myth? “…in fact we found that just 2% of gay people have had 23% of the total reported gay sex, which is pretty crazy.”

[Bloggers that deserve a wider readership][2]. I second [Andrew Gelman][3].

[Fiber Meets Flavor in New Whole-Grain Pastas][4]. I like whole-grain pastas!

[Parallel Adaptation: One or Many Waves of Advance of an Advantageous Allele?][5] “Models for detecting the effect of adaptation on population genomic diversity are often predicated on a single newly arisen mutation sweeping rapidly to fixation. However, a population can also adapt to a new environment by multiple mutations of similar phenotypic effect that arise in parallel, at the same locus or different loci.”

[Why public genomics is not a purely personal decision][6]. A must read from Dan Vorhaus.


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