TanDEM-X Leader Has A Connection With Antennas

Berlin, Germany (SPX) Oct 12, 2010 ![][1] Manfred Zink likes to organise things. For the TanDEM-X radar satellite mission he is organising when and where the antennas of the satellites are to point, in order to acquire the best three-dimensional images possible of our planet. Manfred Zink is Project Manager for the Ground Segment of the mission at the German Aerospace Center in Oberpfaffenhofen. He is responsible for directing the

[1]: http://www.spacedaily.com/images/tandem-x-manfred-zink-bg.jpg

URL: http://www.spacemart.com/reports/TanDEM_X_Leader_Has_A_Connection_With_Antennas_999.html

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