Grand Challenges at NASA; GLXP scorecard

NASA’s Chief Technologist, Robert Braun, is organizing a Grand Challenges program, distinct from the [Centennial Challenges][1], that would involve a competition for grants of $500k-$1M for research into ideas that deal with “accessing space more routinely, managing space as a natural resource, and future quests”: [A Guide to NASA’s Upcoming Grand Challenges: The U.S. space agency is looking for a few good ideas. Got any? – IEEE Spectrum – Oct.11.10][2]. === has posted an evaluation of teams in the [Google Lunar X PRIZE][3] competition and posted the results here: [Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Scorecard][4].

Jeff Foust argues that they should alter the weights given to the various categories: [Does the GLXP scorecard need a new grading curve? – NewSpace Journal][5]

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