Commercial space & Florida; NASA budget bucks

Florida sees economic promise in commercial spaceflight companies: /– [Officials try to lure space jobs to Brevard – Florida Today][1] /– [Legislators Want Incentives for Commercial Space Enterprise – Sunshine State News][2]

> There’s a growing realization on the Space Coast that the future of the area’s economy and the future of space exploration are going to rely heavily on commercial space companies.

That realization is forming into a political consensus across both parties in the region that Florida must offer the right incentives to lure companies to Florida. Why? Because the Sunshine State is competing against a growing number of states and countries looking to get in on the space game.

=== The fight never ends in Congress over the NASA budget: /– [NASA has the plan, but can it get the money from lameduck Congress? – Huntsville Times][3] /– [House Authorizers Write to House and Senate Appropriators – – Oct.11.10][4]

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