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![nose][1]The surgical approach to the Mediterranean nose.

“The Mediterranean nose possesses some specific characteristics of the ethnic group in question that can appear unduly accentuated in some cases and reflect a situation of authentic nasal deformity. The problems most frequently encountered consist of a prominent hump and protruding dorsum, a ptotic tip, an acute nasolabial angle, and thick, sebaceous skin. The surgeon in his approach to the Mediterranean nose must be able to recognize these deformities and to resolve them in accordance with the aesthetic canons peculiar to this ethnic group. To this end, this article describes prudent and progressive criteria for selection of the most appropriate techniques to correct the various flaws while seeking to preserve the structures as much as possible. Cartilage grafts can prove very useful with a view to ensuring both excellent results and their stability over time.”


_Photo: flickr/[quinn.anya][4]_

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