SS2 glide test attention; Branson mentions "thousands of rocket tests"

The glide test of the SpaceShipTwo is getting lots of press coverage worldwide. See, for example, the many links to articles on [][1]. [][2] currently counts “616 news articles” about the event. === This article has an interesting quote from Richard Branson: [Virgin Galactic tourism rocket SpaceShipTwo embarks on first solo glide flight – Mail Online][3]

> Sir Richard added: ‘The next big step will be the rocket tests actually on the spacecraft itself.

‘We’ve obviously have done thousands of rocket tests on the ground, the next big test is in the air. We’ll be doing gentle rocket tests in the air, ultimately culminating into taking the spaceship into space.’

The [SS2 RocketMotorTwo Hot-Fire Test Summaries][4] log currently only has five entries. Perhaps this is only a subset of a larger number of prototype and subscale tests.

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