President Signs NASA 2010 Authorization Act


President Obama signs NASA Authorization Act of 2010. Image: NASA, Pete Souza

President Barack Obama signed the NASA 2010 Authorization Act into law Monday, giving the go-ahead for $58.4 billion be spent on NASA programs over the course of the next three years. However, where and how that money will be spent – has yet to be decided. For that the [space][3] agency has to wait for appropriations to wrangle out the specifics in the upcoming legislative sessions. But this much is known for certain: there will be an additional shuttle flight added, the life of the [International Space Station][4] will be extended to 2020 – and perhaps beyond, and the development of heavy-lift rocket will start as early as 2011.

“We will foster a growing commercial space transportation industry that will allow NASA to focus our efforts on executing direction in the act to start work on a heavy-lift architecture to take [astronauts][5] beyond low-[Earth][6] [orbit][7] and to develop a multipurpose crew vehicle for use with our new space launch systems,” said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden when he thanked the president for signing the bill. “Also, we will continue to invest in green aviation and other technologies that make [air][8] travel safer and more efficient.”

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