First passenger for Armadillo/Space Adventures rocket vehicle

The Russian office of [Space Adventures][1] says that Evgeny Kovalev, a resident of St. Petersburg, has won a contest that awards him the first official space tourist ticket for a ride on an [Armadillo Aerospace][2] vehicle that will begin testing in 2012: /– [U.S. suborbital spaceship signs up Russian space tourist – RIA Novosti][3] (via [][4]) /– [First Russian space tourist to leave Earth in 2012 – xinhua net][5]

Here is some information about the joint Space Adventures/Armadillo Aerospace partnership announced last spring: /– [Space Adventures Announces Exclusive Marketing Agreement with Armadillo Aerospace – Space Adventures April.29.10][6] /– [Space Adventures to Develop Suborbital Vehicles – Guest Blog/Technology Review – May.27.10][7]

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