First glide test in WK2/SS2 log

Scaled has posted the following entry in the [WhiteKnightTwo/SpaceShipTwo Test Summaries][1] log:

Flight WK2 Flight 41 / GF01 Date: 10 Oct 10 Flight Time: 1.5 hr / 13 min WK2 Pilot: Stucky WK2 CoPilot: Kalogiannis WK2 FTE: Persall SS2 Pilot: Siebold SS2 CoPilot: Alsbury

Objectives: Clean release Evaluate stability and control Expand flutter envelope Evaluate performance Land

Results: All objectives achieved. Very positive and controllable release from mothership at 46,000 ft. Slowed to first stall indication. Pilots evaluated the handling and stability through several maneuvers. Expanded envelope to 322KTAS and 2g’s. Evaluated performance with speed brake in and out. Full stop landing executed to the target aim point. Great flying airplane (spaceplane). We’d like to thank our team and all at Virgin who’ve enabled us to get back in the low aspect ratio glider business.



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