A Preview of the Upcoming SSI Space Manufacturing Conference


Artist Don Davis’ rendering of a space colony, part of the initial NASA Ames study done in 1975.

This week in _The Space Review_….

In [Reviving the SSI Space Manufacturing Conference][3], Lee Valentine and I take a look at the history of the Space Studies Institute’s Space Manufacturing Conference and preview the 14th conference in Silicon Valley at the end of the month.

_The Space Review_ also features:

**A fading opportunity for export control reform?** The US space industry has raised its hopes in the last year about the prospects for improving export control given initiatives by the Obama Administration to reform the overall process. Jeff Foust reports that some advocates of reform, though, are skeptical that this effort will result in significant change.

**The beginnings of planetary exploration** Fifty years ago this month the era of planetary exploration began with the first attempts by the Soviet Union to launch probes to Mars. Andrew LePage recounts the ultimately failed attempts by the Soviets to send spacecraft to the Red Planet.

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