Centauri B

Alpha Centauri B: A Close Look at the Habitable Zone

Aside from giving it’s name to one of the best video games of all time (and a highly underrated successor to Civilization II), Alpha Centauri is Earth’s nearest neighbor, and will almost certainly be the first star that humanity ever visits aside from our own. Or rather, pair of stars, since there is Alpha Centauri A and B, spinning about one at same same distance as Neptune is from Sol.

Despite the oscillating stars, there is actually a habitable zone in that solar system, mostly around Centauri B. And it’s a habitable zone that would allow an Earth-like planet to form, at roughly the same distance. And strangely, the presence of the second star in the system does not have much of an impact on the habitable zone.

Unfortunately, there is yet not much evidence in the way of planets around Alpha Centauri, although it’s not in the area of sky being swept by the Kepler system. 

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