NSRC 2011 – Wednesday Tweets

From today’s sessions of the 2011 Next-Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference, here is a sampling of Tweeter posts with the tag #nsrc:

Twitter / @Ben Wright McGee: “Has been hugely educational, highly motivated participants. Awesome turnout for conf #2”

Twitter / @Stephen Braham: “First up in our session – suborbital in Japan. Looking at jet plus rocket single stage sRLV”

Twitter / @Stephen Braham: “Two spaceports presently being developed in Japan”

Twitter / @Stephen Braham: “Japan has shut down their sounding rocket facility”

Twitter / @Stephen Braham: “Sounding rocket community diminishing, so efforts between Canada and Norway”

Twitter / @Stephen Braham: “New president in Chile, and wants to see their space program move forward”

Twitter / @Jeff Foust: “Paul Guthrie of the Tauri Group is leading off the markets session of #NSRC discussing their suborbital market identification study.”

Twitter / @Jeff Foust: “Guthrie: 7 markets: human spaceflt, aero tech test and demo, education, basic and applied sci, media and PR, remote sensing, and P2P”

Twitter / @Garret Fitzpatrick: “Jason Andrews, Spaceflight Services CEO: providers don’t understand op costs yet. Critical to get right pricing built into proposals”

Twitter / @Jeff Foust: “We had a lot of volunteers, as you might imagine” to test Vostok Space Beer on parabolic flights, says Jason Held at #NSRC”

Twitter / @Jeff Foust: “Alan Stern: feedback that some interested in this only because they want to fly. More than that but don’t be ashamed of that interest.”

Twitter / @Jeff Foust: “Andrew Nelson: researchers on suborbital flts will have to separate excitement from job; ‘you’re going to be on the ride of your life'”

Twitter / @Jeff Foust: Dan Durda: “Dan Durda: whole point of conference is that soon space scientists will be able to go into the field just like many other scientists.”

Twitter / @Jeff Foust: “Training costs discussed: Zero-G is $5K, NASTAR training $3-6K, high-performance jet (Starfighters) low $10Ks.”

Twitter / @Jeff Foust: “Stern: if we turn training into something like a trip toISS, we defeat the purpose of low-cost suborbital spaceflight.”

Twitter / @Jeff Foust:”Andrew Nelson: XCOR based in Mojave, hardcore people only need apply: ‘there are no women, there are no men, only rocket scientists.'”

Twitter / @Jeff Foust:”Stern closes out #NSRC: ‘we’re building something out of nothing here… we’re building a community.’ 320 registrants for conference.”

Twitter / @Jeff Foust: “Stern: coming era of low-cost suborbital spaceflight will change how we interface with space in ways we cannot yet imagine.”

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