NASA budget released

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Update : So it appears that the Administration is actually increasing the commercial crew funding to $850M, $350M above the 2010 NASA authorization projection (see pdf). This may be a gambit in which they start at a high level with the expectation that Congress will cut it. Better to cut from $850M than from $500M. The budget (pdf) also shows $850M per year for commercial crew through 2016.

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Update2:05 pm ET:The NASA budget is being presented currently on NASA TV.

Update 3:12 pm ET: Bolden defended the increase in CC as necessary to get US crew transport to the ISS as soon as possible. He portrayed the reduction in HLV/Orion and increase in CC as a modest re-balancing and that in general the budget is consistent with the 2010 Authorization bill.

Sounds like they will make support of the ISS and reducing the “Gap” between the Shuttle and the next means of US LEO access as key arguments for their HSF budget.

I expect they will also pursue a compromise with Congress over the HLV/Orion that involves stretching those projects out.


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